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Adventure Racing

Adventure racing (also called expedition racing) is typically a multidisciplinary team sport involving navigation over an unmarked wilderness course with races extending anywhere from two hours up to two weeks in length. Some races offer solo competition as well.


The principal disciplines in adventure racing include trekking, mountain biking, and paddling although races can incorporate a multitude of other disciplines including climbing, abseiling, horse riding, skiing and white water rafting.


Teams generally vary in gender mix and in size from two to five competitors, however, the premier format is considered to be mixed gender teams of four racers. There is typically no suspension of the clock during races, irrespective of length; elapsed competition time runs concurrently with real-time, and competitors must choose if or when to rest.

Adventure Racing Community

New Zealand's Legacy

Did you know?


The modern era of Adventure Racing started in New Zealand in 1989, with the Raid Gauloises (French Race, 1989-2006). Its creator, Gérard Fusil, took the existing concept of long-distance endurance races, and focused on the team aspects, requiring each competitor to be part of a five-person mixed gender team. The kiwis have consistently been at the top of obstacle sports ever since.

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