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OCR Competition Rules

NZOSA is responsible for Competition Rules for obstacle course racing in New Zealand. These rules are maintained in accordance with FISO.

Rule summary


  • Athletes must make an honest attempt at completing obstacles.

  • Athletes are issued with three wrist bands.

  • An athlete failing an obstacle shall have a wrist band cut and removed by course officials.

  • An athlete must finish with at least one wrist band to be eligible for an award.

  • An athletic penalty loop must be completed for each wrist band that has been cut. The penalty loop shall be no less in time that the most difficult obstacle, for example a 50 m loop carrying a sand bag. The penalty loop shall be located within sight of the finish line and spectators, ideally immediately preceding the finish line, or preceding a finish “obstacle.”

Full rules

You can download the full rules below.

The Competition Rules is the Master Source Document (MSD) for all obstacle sports. Each obstacle discipline or event has specific rules that reference the MSD.

Other OCR discipline rules

NZOSA follows event specific OCR rules held by FISO for 100m, 400m, University and Para. These can be found on the FISO OCR Competition Rules page.

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