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Ninja Course Racing

Ninja is the sport launched by the global phenomenon of Ninja Warrior TV shows. Popular shows in the series include American Ninja Warrior, Australian Ninja Warrior and Sasuke.

In ninja, competitors compete as individuals or teams to run across an obstacle course in the fastest time possible. Courses range in length between 25m and 200m and include four or more ninja-style obstacles. If a competitor falls off the course, usually from failing an obstacle, the timer is stopped and their run ends.


The Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA) is the official global league for ninja competitions, as recognised by NZOSA and World Obstacle.


Ninja and Obstacle Sports

Learn more about the relationship between ninja racing and obstacle obstacle racing. Just like athletics, obstacle sports are made up of a number of events, and these range in distance, intensity and strength - there is something for everyone in obstacle sports.

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We are continually growing and building out the Ninja community in New Zealand. Connect with us if you're interested in being involved, would like to share your skills in helping with our mission, or if you simply want to keep informed about what's happening!

Ninja Championship Events

Interested in the behind-the-scenes look at a ninja championship event?


The two-hour video below shows the first event in the 2022 Ninja World Cup Series hosted in the Philippines. World Cup races are head-to-head speed competitions held on a 100m course with 10 to 12 obstacles. The World Cup series ends with the Ninja World Cup Finals and culminates in the Ninja World Championships.

Watch athletes from youth all the way to the plus-50 age group perform on the world stage. Many people are intimidated by the athletes flying through the air on popular TV shows such as Ninja Warrior, however, Obstacle Sports are for everyone!

Visit World Obstacle for details on the current Ninja Championship events.

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