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OCR Event Classification

NZOSA is responsible for Obstacle Course Race classification in New Zealand.

These classifications have been developed to support both Event Sustainability and Athlete Performance Development in New Zealand and are maintained and aligned in accordance with World Obstacle guidelines.

Event Classification Purpose

To assist in the sustainability of Grass Root events by developing a support framework for event organisers. Create a pathway of national events to lift NZ athlete performance and competitive development. To build in partnership with event organisers, World standard events that attract international competition and build further sustainability of NZ Events.

  • This classification system assists event organisers with clarity around the Obstacle Racing Community needs, while also a positioning in the event market that suits them.

  • Each classification level, and the events that fit into them are very important. They play a pivotal role in our NZ Obstacle community and will be supported by the NZOSA

  • Event organisers who wish to shift their category classification will be supported by the NZOSA by assistance in developing a plan to meet the requirements, or in an at request reassessment.

  • Different levels of support are appropriate for different categories, due to limited resources and time, NZOSA will work with event organisers on priority items.

Event Classification Levels


> Grassroot competitions and events need support from the community to be viable.

> NZOSA intends to market and support RECOGNISED events, as great entry-level races or challenges.

> These are Grassroot courses that are mass-market participated but may miss attributes required for national standards level competition.

> These events could shift from RECOGINSED status to ENDORSED if they choose to with support from the NZOSA


> Competitive Obstacle Course events, that include tests of Technical, speed and strength within their course design

> NZOSA can assist in obstacle feedback, sourcing and course design. Officiating guidance can be supported along with penalty systems.

> These Events ensure a race classification that can be marketed to competitive athletes striving for NZ Standards and possible National selection.

> Only Endorsed events can become part of a National Obstacle series and part of the NZ Team selection policy.


> National and Continental OCR Championships races can be sanctioned by NZOSA in Partnership with the NZ Event organiser.

> These sanctioned races aim to attract international athletes, greatly beneficial to the NZ development of competitive athletes

> These sanctioned races may include World Obstacle support such as  Intercontinental Championships (e.g. Pacific Champs)

NZOSA Event - Classification Matrix

The following Matrix is designed to be a simplified method of categorising an event and therefore determining the level of support and assistance NZOSA can give. Along with giving athletes an understanding of key competitions that may attract highest level of NZ talent.

2022-02-27 20_35_58-NZOSA - Event Categories.png

This Framework is under continual review and refinement, we value community feedback on improvements

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