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NZ OCR Development Squad

**Athlete Development Squad**

These general guidelines are to cover the three Subsports Ninja/OCR/Adventure.

Purpose and Overview

The Dev Squads are a larger pool of athletes that are seeking consideration for National Team Selection. The squad is determined to be a wider number of athletes of approximately double the FISO-determined eligible representatives for a World Championship event. (e.g. age group 30-34 = 3men + 3women - Squad would therefore support 6men + 6 women for this category)

The larger squad promotes training and a competing community at the highest level.

Provides a pool of athletes that can fill in due to injury etc


  1. - New Zealand Citizen or Equivalent

  2. - Has Raced in New Zealand in the last 12 months

  3. - Achieved an eligible result from Endorsed (or Sanctioned) Races

  4. - Has applied and/or formally registered interest.

  5. - Is an NZOSA Ordinary Member and has paid membership

In the interest of developing the best pool of athletes, an exception process is in a place where Athletes who do not meet the above Eligibility requirements can apply to join the squad. This will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Technical Committee for the discipline.

Areas of consideration include:

  • Historic National or International competitive performance.

  • Planned race agenda and timeline, including key target events.

  • Background or info to support inclusion.


  1. Monthly communication by coordinators and coaches on online development opportunities (TBA)

  2. Invites to International events from Asia Pacific Associations Sanctioned Races for competitive development

  3. Invitations to National Training camps or courses.

  4. The ability for consideration for selection for National Team.

  5. Access to Sponsor benefits (when these become available and possible)


The NZ Development Squad is not the NZ National Team**, this is the pathway to the NZ Team however.

** NZ Teams Selection will require an Event to test “current” fitness and form, for athlete wellness to compete, and resolve any contention for limited spots.

(the NZ team Selection is limited to available positions within each pro and age group category)

New Zealand OCR Team

Purpose and Overview

The NZ OCR Team is the NZOSA-sanctioned group of athletes endorsed to compete at the:


World Obstacle sets out the maximum number of places available 

Five spots per category (Elite & AgeGroup) are available



  1. - Athlete Development Squad Member

  2. - Ability, health and means to travel

  3. - Passed the Form and Fitness Test/Event*

  4. - Formally Named by the OCR Technical Committee

*This test may be an independent NZOSA OCR Event or connected to a race in the race calendar. Its purpose is to ensure the Athelte is Fit enough to safely compete and to address any final contention with team selection (EG If Seed 5 and Seed 6 require final officiating for Position 5 in their race category.)


- Ill Health, Injury that makes it unsafe for the wellness of the athlete may prompt removal from the team.

- Infringements to the rules, and regulations set out by the NZOSA may prompt removal from the team


  1. Ability to Represent your country

  2. Preferential benefits or support from sponsors of the NZOSA



- Those that are part of the development squad, and do not make the Selection for the named NZ OCR Team may be able to still attend the World OCR Championships under the OPEN category - Eligible Athletes will be part of NZ OCR Reserves.

For feedback concerns or improvements to our framework. FEEDBACK


How the NZOSA Leader Board Point System works

The objective is to achieve the lowest point score throughout the year.

Your point score corresponds to your placement in each race. If you don't participate in a race, you automatically receive 20 points which is the maximum amount per race.

The point allocation is as follows:
1st place = 1 point,
2nd place = 2 points,
3rd place = 3 points,

19th place = 19 points,
20th place = 20 points
Everyone 21th place and above also receives 20 points.

This approach ensures that if there are multiple sanctioned events taking place simultaneously, each event will have competitors earning the same points. This equalises the opportunity for all events and participants. Furthermore, it motivates competitive racers to enter multiple events to try and achieve a placing that lowers their points on the leader board.

All NZOSA sanctioned events carry a value of 20 points. Once you appear on the leader board, you will receive 20 points for every sanctioned OCR event held in NZ. However, upon completing an event, your points earned based on your finishing position will replace the default 20 points for that specific event. For instance, if you only participate in one out of the four events currently under NZOSA's radar, you would accumulate your race position points (e.g., 3rd place = 3 points), along with 60 points from the remaining three races you did not compete in.

This system enables the NZOSA to analyse the numbers in various ways, such as elite, age group, or overall rankings, for the selection of development squads. It is a straightforward system that can be refined as we progress.

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