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Technical Officials

Technical Officials are required to ensure a fair and safe environment at obstacle sport events. Their duties involve conducting competitions according to the rules and ensuring that athletes have every chance of achieving their best performance.

NZOSA is responsible for recruiting, training and giving the necessary support and opportunities for Technical Officials to perform their duties.

Official Certification Levels

NZOSA certifies levels of Technical Officials as follows:

  • Level 1: Race Marshal

  • Level 2: Technical Official (TO)

  • Level 3: National Technical Official (NTO)

  • Level 4: International Technical Official (ITO)

Become A Technical Official

Volunteering as a Technical Official is a rewarding experience and a great way to contribute to obstacle sports and their development in New Zealand.


As you grow in experience and training you will be able to officiate at national level events, and even have the opportunity to officiate at international level events.


Would you like to become an Technical Official? Contact us with an expression of interest.

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